WEEE und ElektroG: Marktplätze prüfen Registrierung ab 1. Juli
Jetzt schnell WEEE Deutschland Registrierung abschließen

Ab dem 01.07.2023 müssen Marktplätze die EAR Registrierung prüfen - Sind Ihre Elektrogeräte nicht ordnungsgemäß registriert, dürfen Marktplätze Ihnen das Anbieten nicht ermöglichen.

Jetzt informieren

Professional Consultation

Feel free to contact us! We analyse your needs and identify countries where the national packaging law apply to you.
We customize your offer with transparent costs based on your projections. No matter what happened, we are here for you!

Packaging Registration

We register your organisation with the relevant packaging authorities in your target countries. We make sure that all categories and quantities of packaging in accordance with law are been taken into consideration. We accompany you on each step of the registration.

Contract Management

We make sure that your legal obligations as a producer or importer are fulfilled. We offer coordination, examination and supervision of your international legal documentation management covering all your target countries.

Packaging Full Support

We offer you comprehensive advice for the packaging classification, recycling and declaration of completeness, etc. We continuously monitor the legislative developments of packaging directives and inform you of their impacts on your business.


The Objectives
of the Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste

Environmental Protection

The Packaging Directives aims to harmonise national measures on packaging and the management of packaging waste as well as to provide a high level of environmental protection.

Recycling of Waste Packaging

It contains the measures to promote the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovering of packaging waste, instead of its final disposal.

Market Regulation

Control of the packaging materials that are put on the European market. The goal is to have an economy based on the principle of sustainable development.

Paperboard, paper and cardboard


Ferrous metals

Aluminium and other metals


Composite beverage cartons

Other composite packaging

Other Materials


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In which countries should packaging be registered?

Most European countries have introduced an obligation to register packaging and report the quantities.
Based on your specific situation needs, our consultants will provide further information on the registration process in the countries where you need to register in.

Cyprus Netherlands
Czech RepublicNorway
SwitzerlandxGreat Britain
IsraelBosnia and Herzegovina

Packaging - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Directive on packaging and packaging waste about?

How long does the registration process take?

Do we receive a registration number?

Do I have to register my organisation in all the countries where packaging is put on the market?

Is packaging put on the market via e-commerce platforms also subject to registration?

Can I start selling packaging after submitting the registration application?

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