WEEE und ElektroG: Marktplätze prüfen Registrierung ab 1. Juli
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Ab dem 01.07.2023 müssen Marktplätze die EAR Registrierung prüfen - Sind Ihre Elektrogeräte nicht ordnungsgemäß registriert, dürfen Marktplätze Ihnen das Anbieten nicht ermöglichen.

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
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take-e-way GmbH, founded in 2004 in Hamburg, is the market leader in the field of extended producer responsibility (EPR). As your trustworthy partner, we provide your business with high-quality one-stop solutions in 35 countries.

Worldwide Process Overview


We offer you free consultations on extended producer responsibility (EPR) in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Chinese.

Contract Management:

As your reliable partner, we take care of all the time-consuming bureaucratical processes regarding extended producer responsibility (EPR) in your targeted countries.

Authorised Representative:

With our international partner network, we offer you this service in the entire European economic area and additional key sales markets. 

Take-back Systems:

We provides service on the recycling of electrical and electronical waste in accordance with the relevant EPR obligations. 

Quantity Reports:

take-e-way offers a one-stop customer portal to report all your quantities to easily fulfill your obligations related to the extended producer responsibility.

EPR Registration:

We accompany you along each step of registration and make sure that you fullfill all the relevant legal obligations in the area of extended producer responsibility (EPR). 

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Your Expert for
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Compliance Expert

We keep up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations in the area of extended producer responsibility (EPR). We develop market compliance management for our customers based on our analysis of the legal framework and its potential impact. We ensure that your successful sales in the target countries are managed in a legally compliant manner. As your long-term partner, we focus on offering you quality services in the most economical and transparent way possible.

EPR Market Leader

Established in 2004, take-e-way has more than 17 years of professional experience in the field of extended producer responsibility. We strive to be your long-term partner. Our international team makes every effort to provide you with professional, convenient and integrated services in product compliance. In the face of possible problems in the process, we are there to give you consultation and plausible solutions.

Worldwide EPR Service

Our international team consults our customers in their own language, such as English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Chinese. We have an in-depth understanding of international rules and regulations in the field of extended producer responsibility (EPR). We will solve all market compliance issues for you in the EU and even beyond. We have more than 100 partners throughout Europe and the USA. Choose take-e-way for the easy way.

View of Statistics

1. In Germany, we act as authorized representative for more than 2900 clients and 25,000 registrations.
2. Internationally, we manage more than 1,700 registrations.
3. Globally, we serve more than 6000 corporate customers.
4. We began to provide market compliance registration services in the United States starting from 2021.
5. We continue to expand our business across the world.

EPR Services in 35 Countries

Other Services

EPREL Database Service

take-e-way assumes the registration of the energy consumption-relevant products in the EPREL database on behalf of its customers and verifies the data and documents received for completeness.

CE Services

We provide manufacturers, importers and distributors with a comprehensive advice and CE testing assistance along the process chain, whether for product development, volume production hedging or risk management.

Market Compliance Check

Our market compliance check allows you to place only safe and compliant products on the EU market. take-e-way can identify your statutory product requirements and reviews your product documentation.

Ecodesign Service

take-e-way determines stand-by consumption, power consumption, sound and noise level of the materials used in common household utensils, equipment and IT facilities.

RoHS Service

We specifically tailor RoHS testing such as the inspection of documents based on components certificates, RoHS Screening and chemical analysis, especially for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

REACh Service

take-e-way develops services for distributors and importers who want to comply with REACh and gives advice on how to comply with the requirements of REACh by individual counsulting and trainings.

Free Advise and Consulting

You can reach us from Monday to Thursday between 8 am and 6 pm and on Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Just give us a call!

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Elisabeth Westermann

Elisabeth Westermann
Languages: German, English, Spanish

You can reach us from Monday to Thursday between 8 am and 6 pm and on Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Just give us a call!

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